Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am now officially 18!!!

30 December, is the date I am most familiar with.... coz it is my birthday....haha... Today, I am officially 18, therefore it represents maturity and approaching adulthood. Don't have to worry about being underage anymore......wakaka...

However, a day before my birthday, I was stunned by a breaking news. My all time idol /my favorite footballer- Steven Gerrard(a.k.a. Liverpool's inspirational captain fantastic) was arrested by police for involving in a bar brawl. WTH MAN! I really do not believe he will really beat up other people coz I do think he is such a gentle and polite guy. Just keep fingers crossed and hope that he will he alright.

Well, tell u an interesting story about me. 18 years ago, my mother received a huge present during her birthday- and the present was me... haha.... So, my mum and I celebrate birthday on the same day and today we celebrated with "bunch of monkeys". This bunch of monkeys refers to my mother's ex- student, where their zodiac is monkey, they came to our house for celebration. Here are some of the pictures: