Thursday, December 25, 2008

Donnie Yen- The true Invincible+Prestigious MAN (IP MAN)

It has been some time since we last saw a real kungfu fighting movie, with Fearless, starred by Jet Li being the last memorable one to hit the big screen. What I meant by kung fu fighting movie is where the character uses real kungfu to fight, not by watching a gun war, fantasy movie or a normal actor showing fake kungfu.

But this IP MAN, I should say, it is stunning. The name of the movie- IP MAN, should be pronounced as "Eep-man", but I wonder why some people pronounced it as I-P man.....swt la......
Others might, but Donnie Yen's kungfu is no kidding, as what he has showed in his previous movies like SPL, Flashpoint, Dragon Tiger Gate and so on... In most of his his previous movies, he often acted as a ruthless character with full of anger. The way he fights can be described with one word- 猛!

However, what I, and most people noticed in this movie, he had actually portrayed IP MAN as kind of humorous, humble, gentle but confident man, and a man who respects his wife. His wife- Wing Seng, stared by the Aaron Kwok's gf I think- 熊黛林....... she looks so attractive in the movie man. Prettier than how she looks in real life....

Ip man's wife in the movie

Apart from that, the Wing Chun kungfu was awesome, and Donnie Yen made it fantastic to watch. His speed, accuracy and power made his opponents almost impossible to defend against at close range combat. Maybe he can even catch the bullets when someone tries to shoot him.....haha.... So, if u are a fan of kungfu fighting movie, this is a must watch movie!
Ip man 1 on 1 vs Japanese karate master(General)