Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day outing- Time Square

Where: Time Square
When: 26th December 2008
What: "Boxing day"
Activity: Karaoke, Bowling, Arcade
Note: Boxing here doesn't mean the sport of fighting and punching with gloves, Boxing Day is the national holiday after Christmas Day in England & Wales

As most people knew, "There are always problems and obstacles in our life, even if one of them is solved, there are still more to come, and it surrounds us forever....."

I always wonder why I always encountered some problems & obstacles whenever I go outing with friends. This time around, my previous obstacle did not even turn up. HAHA.... Oh, NO! I can't be too happy! Coz I am realizing the statement above is getting more and more appropriate to me.

This time, it was Mr LD before our karaoke session. haih... lazy to describe bout it.... He just refused to pay the price for karaoke. Fortunately, it wasn't a tough nut to crack and finally we came out with a solution. (No offence mr LD)

After singing, it's bowling time. As usual we are a bunch of youngsters with high ambitions. Our ultimate goal is always to break the current World Record (WR). Let us take a look at it first........
Yup, it's 203(on the top right corner), set by Dion Cheah on 18th August

Talk is easy, but to actually break it, it's almost an impossible task. However, today, one guy proved that the WR could not stood still forever and remain unbeatable as he- Mr Koh Jun Hao came out with a staggering 190 points, merely 13 points lower than the WR. Well done to him!
Look at the J at the top(190), and notice the quadruple strike? similar to the WR pattern!

Despite that, there was also something proud to show for me. And I can say that this was my most consistent performance throughout the 3 games. The first game, I scored 155, comfortably ahead of everybody.....
Top D(155) is me, Dion while the second one is Darren. In the second game, I managed to do better- 173, still top among everyone. Wakakaka... So the average of the 2 game is 164. Not bad man.......

As I have mentioned, the third game is Jun Hao's game where he scored 190. I only got 121.... Ok lar...... not that bad either. Average of my 3 games still reach around 150...

Bye bye for now.... Hope to challenge again next time