Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am now officially 18!!!

30 December, is the date I am most familiar with.... coz it is my birthday....haha... Today, I am officially 18, therefore it represents maturity and approaching adulthood. Don't have to worry about being underage anymore......wakaka...

However, a day before my birthday, I was stunned by a breaking news. My all time idol /my favorite footballer- Steven Gerrard(a.k.a. Liverpool's inspirational captain fantastic) was arrested by police for involving in a bar brawl. WTH MAN! I really do not believe he will really beat up other people coz I do think he is such a gentle and polite guy. Just keep fingers crossed and hope that he will he alright.

Well, tell u an interesting story about me. 18 years ago, my mother received a huge present during her birthday- and the present was me... haha.... So, my mum and I celebrate birthday on the same day and today we celebrated with "bunch of monkeys". This bunch of monkeys refers to my mother's ex- student, where their zodiac is monkey, they came to our house for celebration. Here are some of the pictures:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day outing- Time Square

Where: Time Square
When: 26th December 2008
What: "Boxing day"
Activity: Karaoke, Bowling, Arcade
Note: Boxing here doesn't mean the sport of fighting and punching with gloves, Boxing Day is the national holiday after Christmas Day in England & Wales

As most people knew, "There are always problems and obstacles in our life, even if one of them is solved, there are still more to come, and it surrounds us forever....."

I always wonder why I always encountered some problems & obstacles whenever I go outing with friends. This time around, my previous obstacle did not even turn up. HAHA.... Oh, NO! I can't be too happy! Coz I am realizing the statement above is getting more and more appropriate to me.

This time, it was Mr LD before our karaoke session. haih... lazy to describe bout it.... He just refused to pay the price for karaoke. Fortunately, it wasn't a tough nut to crack and finally we came out with a solution. (No offence mr LD)

After singing, it's bowling time. As usual we are a bunch of youngsters with high ambitions. Our ultimate goal is always to break the current World Record (WR). Let us take a look at it first........
Yup, it's 203(on the top right corner), set by Dion Cheah on 18th August

Talk is easy, but to actually break it, it's almost an impossible task. However, today, one guy proved that the WR could not stood still forever and remain unbeatable as he- Mr Koh Jun Hao came out with a staggering 190 points, merely 13 points lower than the WR. Well done to him!
Look at the J at the top(190), and notice the quadruple strike? similar to the WR pattern!

Despite that, there was also something proud to show for me. And I can say that this was my most consistent performance throughout the 3 games. The first game, I scored 155, comfortably ahead of everybody.....
Top D(155) is me, Dion while the second one is Darren. In the second game, I managed to do better- 173, still top among everyone. Wakakaka... So the average of the 2 game is 164. Not bad man.......

As I have mentioned, the third game is Jun Hao's game where he scored 190. I only got 121.... Ok lar...... not that bad either. Average of my 3 games still reach around 150...

Bye bye for now.... Hope to challenge again next time

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Donnie Yen- The true Invincible+Prestigious MAN (IP MAN)

It has been some time since we last saw a real kungfu fighting movie, with Fearless, starred by Jet Li being the last memorable one to hit the big screen. What I meant by kung fu fighting movie is where the character uses real kungfu to fight, not by watching a gun war, fantasy movie or a normal actor showing fake kungfu.

But this IP MAN, I should say, it is stunning. The name of the movie- IP MAN, should be pronounced as "Eep-man", but I wonder why some people pronounced it as I-P man.....swt la......
Others might, but Donnie Yen's kungfu is no kidding, as what he has showed in his previous movies like SPL, Flashpoint, Dragon Tiger Gate and so on... In most of his his previous movies, he often acted as a ruthless character with full of anger. The way he fights can be described with one word- 猛!

However, what I, and most people noticed in this movie, he had actually portrayed IP MAN as kind of humorous, humble, gentle but confident man, and a man who respects his wife. His wife- Wing Seng, stared by the Aaron Kwok's gf I think- 熊黛林....... she looks so attractive in the movie man. Prettier than how she looks in real life....

Ip man's wife in the movie

Apart from that, the Wing Chun kungfu was awesome, and Donnie Yen made it fantastic to watch. His speed, accuracy and power made his opponents almost impossible to defend against at close range combat. Maybe he can even catch the bullets when someone tries to shoot him.....haha.... So, if u are a fan of kungfu fighting movie, this is a must watch movie!
Ip man 1 on 1 vs Japanese karate master(General)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

22 December- Futsal Day

On 22 Dec, I went to play futsal at "Challenger" with my secondary school friends. It has been more than a year since we last played. If wasn't me who suggested to our usual master planner- Desmond, our futsal activity would have gone forever...swt... So at least that's the only valuable opportunity for us to reunion with some old friends.

As usual, the likes of Desmond, Satya, Ken, Jun Hao, Biiang turned up for the game. Surprise package that wasn't in the plan also turned up- including Hur Kwan, Alex, Timothy, TK & bro and our Mr Chew Khye Tjiet! As always, I woke up quite early and departed from my house bout 30 mins before the game coz I don't like being late and make everyone waiting for me. But however, 人算不如天算! I encountered some obstacles in my journey..... Guess who! Yea.... Is Mr Chew KT, who wasted my precious time and petrol! Initially, we have confirmed that I'll pick him up at tasik selatan station at 9.45am(15 min b4 the game), so when I reached there at around 9.40, he told me that he will only be reaching at bout 9.55am. Wth!!! BUT OK lor, wait lor, 15 min only. Then u know what..... I waited until 10.05 then he called me and said he still has a long way to go and ask me to go 1st!!! Then I go 1st on my own frustratedly, leave him to the taxi driver.

OMG, what a horrible experience! According to my plan I'll be reaching there 10 min earlier but now I am late for about 15 min!!! When I reached there, they have already finished their warm up. So I just done some basic stretching and then went straight into the game, where I don't think is enough. All because of Chew! And I think one of the reason why my body so pain on the next day is lack of stretching...

So GAME ON.....
It was a very competitive one.....
The team who score 2 goals wins
Winner stay....
So, we take turns.
But still very tired...
Run like mad......
High tempo!!!
I started fairly slowly, could not find the back of the net despite many decent attempts
Maybe due to lacked of support and bcoz of the BLODDY CHEW KT!
Then back on fire after a while....
When I team up with satya and junhao.....
I scored bout..... ermm 3-4 goals like dat la....

After the match, we still have time
we challenged another gang, all of them Malay & Indian
WOW... they looked strong and skillful
Fairly big size oso
Nvmind, bring it on man!!!

Our team consists of:
Torres - Dion Cheah
Lampard - Jun Hao
Fabregas - Yap
2 x Robinho - Satya & his cousin
We actually scored 5-6 goals past them!
2-3 of them from Torres!
Full credit to my teammates, especially those 2 skillful Robinho...
They only scored 1-2 goals I think...
Then Game Over, GG...
Went CS after dat, I played mostly sniper, killed quite a lot, BUT
Darren Lim man of the match le, mehsi!?

Maybe planning another futsal game with swimmers....
Bye bye...