Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gambling!How do you perceive this word?

Genting Highlands, what a nice place to visit. There are indoor and outdoor theme park, hotels and most importantly- the Casino! Most gamblers willing to go up there just for gambling, while some think gambling is rubbish! Even Singapore are now building Casino to attract people in the future. So, is gambling really bad? Or it can bring u wealth? Lets see:

I remember the famous ah wong(郭晋安) said this before in one of his mahjong movie:
A) 有赌未必输,没赌就肯定不会赢
"Gambling may not necessarily lose, but not gambling sure will not win"

Then, the famous bao zhou gong (元华)said something like this to encourage someone to gamble in "kungfu mahjong":
B) 小赌可以养家,大赌可以白手起家
"Small gambling can maintain family life, big gambling can start from scratch"

While most people who are against gambling would say so:
C) 赌博就等于把钱丢进海里(把钱白白浪费掉)
"Gambling is equivalent to throwing priceless money into the sea" (wasting money)

However, Ah Lek(陈百祥) denied the previous statement and further pointed out the drawback of gambling in "kungfu mahjong 3" with this statement!!!:
D) 赌博不只是等于把钱丢进海里,而是等于全家跳海!(找死)
"Gambling is not only equivalent to throwing money into the sea, it is equivalent to the whole family jumping into the sea. (commit suicide)"

Apart from that, I find this phase below in the "kungfu mahjong" pretty suitable:
E) 小赌可以怡情,把赌博作为职业是不会成功的
"Small gamble can bring pleasure, gambling as a career will not be successful"

Interesting? Which one do u think is the best phrase? Which one u like the most?(A to E) Are u for or against? Leave your comments down and let Dion knows what do you think...