Friday, April 11, 2008

Wenger should be realistic & stop complaining!

If there is a society for complaining and sore losers, surely Arsene Wenger would be the member of it, or perhaps holding a high post.(president, chairman, secretary..... etc) Sadly for Arsenal, when the team lose, he seems to blame everything & everyone excluding himself and his players, and his attitude is not likely to change even for years to come. Even his depressed players admitted after the match they were awful in defending and lack of experience. Was his team unlucky throughout the season? Or the triple battle against Liverpool? Certainly you won't think so.

"It's down to a dodgy decision, I believe, from the referee", "all the big decisions were against us", "It's very difficult for me to understand because, for me, it was no penalty tonight. I watched it clearly". "If you lose against a team that's better than you, OK, but that's not the impression that we got over two games."These are what Wenger said after the Champions League defeat. Try to think back their initially poor record in Europe, they got the luck and went into the final 2 years back, only beaten by Barcelona in the final. Think back earlier of the season when they got so many lucky points, including the recent "dodgy" comeback win against Bolton with 10 men. In truth, when he is beneficiary of poor decisions, we don't hear Wenger seeing the incident, and he will never admit that he was lucky.

If he is to blame for his failure this time(or even for the past 3 trophyless season), he should look at the deepness of his squad. Arsene Wenger stubbornly refuses to utilise the resources available (£70 million, allegedly)."We are good enough and we don't need to spend big to buy players", that's what he used to say before the season. Wenger, if he looks back of the video of the CL game at Anfield, should realise that his young players are not up to the standard, twice after scoring, they allowed Liverpool to get back in it, plus another one at Emirates. Although they controlled the possessions, they did not create enough chances in front of goal and they allowed vital spaces for vital goals. And the reason for this? They are not good enough, they cant cope defensively against dangerous players like Torres and Babel. We shall see how are they going to cope with players like Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez when they play Man Utd this week.

In addition, for him to get support from the club's directer and owner and became the "life manager" at Arsenal, I just could not understand what is going on at the club. Jose Mourinho won 5 trophies in 3 years and it wasn't enough. So did the players and the fans questions his ability to win trophies, where he has failed to do so in so many seasons. For now, what he can do is to concentrate on the match against the Devils and a win will put them straight back into the title race. For the excitement of the EPL, I wish Arsenal good luck.