Friday, March 28, 2008

Who is more suitable to captain England?

Beckham, Terry, Gerrard, Ferdinand? The new England manager Fabio Capello does not want to appoint a permanent captain for his squad until the beginning of the world cup 2010 qualifying campaign. Chelsea defender John Terry insists that his aggressive style of leadership isn't about to change and that he'll fight to become England captain again. The questions surrounding whether he will remain his captain armband for England...

Rio Ferdinand, A nerd and arrogant player who stands along the defensive line? For most loyal England fan, surely you wont want to see him leading the three lions team out of the pitch. The appointment of Rio made England suffer their first defeat to France. A disgusting figure.... The return of David Beckham? This seems more unlikely to happen...Inspirational captain Steven Gerrard? Perhaps he is now the most suitable man to bring England to an international glory. I could not understand why Capello wants to change his captain for the France game..... Many people believe he can inspire England like how he inspire Liverpool, provided he is given the honour to captain & lead his country.